Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The News Outlet that every teen needs.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing young writers and artists with a platform where their voices are not only projected, but heard. We hope to educate and inform teens about current events, and most importantly, shed light on global injustices. Through A Teen Perspective, we hope to induce thought-provoking conversations amongst teens about the world today, to make a better world for tomorrow.

Our Work

We are the news outlet that every teen needs. From current events to poetry to advice, we’ve got you covered. Together as a generation, we can learn, grow, and navigate our way through these uncertain times. We believe in the power that Gen Z holds, and that now more than ever, it is time for us to be LOUD!

2021 Goals

This year, we hope to create 5 detailed lesson plan packages for educators of grades 7-12 through our summer research project, Tools for Schools. Otherwise, we will be starting weekly segments on our new platform, ATPodcast!

Spring Project


We have a podcast! Through fun weekly segments, we hope to divulge current events, talk about pop culture and share funny stories. Available on all streaming services!

Summer Project

Tools for Schools

We will be creating a series of learning toolkits, shared via Google Drive, that will include dozens of topical resources for educators. We hope to gather student input about social issues that should be addressed in schools and create lesson plans to cover them.

Our Team

Meet the writers, artists and activists behind ATP.