Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Welcome to our Advice Column!

The advice column is a space for the readers of ATP to ask questions. These can pertain to the months topic, relate back to their personal lives, or be lighthearted and fun! Their questions are sent to Hayden and Ella, dedicated columnists who reply to questions with their own insight and aim to provide answers or reassurance.

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Coping With Guilt

“To be blunt, this year has sucked for multiple reasons. I know I am not the only person who feels this way but I've gone through so much that if I were to feel happy I would feel guilty. It's like there are so many people suffering in the world and for me to be happy and care about myself first feels wrong. It feels like I'm being selfish and self-conceited. With winter occurring and continuing, I'm worried that my mental health (depression and anxiety) will continue to worsen and that 2021 will start off poorly as this year did. I have spoken with my parents about getting a therapist but it is so hard to find the right one with the ongoing pandemic. What would you do if you were in my position?”

Choosing Universities

“I am in my final year of high school and I am applying to a bunch of universities. The thing is that the school I feel a connection (as much one can feel through a computer) is not my parents’ number one choice for me. They would prefer if I attend a school that is very notable, which I completely understand. I should note that my parents and I are very close and their opinion matters to me. However, as a POC I want to go to school in an area that has diversity and sadly the top Universities are in cities that are not diverse. What are your thoughts?”

Uncomfortable Conversations

"Seeing that the BLM movement has been getting a lot of attention in the media lately, it has prompted a lot of difficult discussions with my family, and a lot of realization has happened rather quickly. I've had several conversations with my family and one particular family member does not agree with anything I'm saying, and continues to use racist phrases and remarks all the time, even when I ask them to stop. They think I am a "sheep" and just following anything that is told to me, but all I ask is that they stop using that language because it is extremely offensive and could really upset someone, and I don't want to think of my family saying things like that. My question is, how do I deal with racism in my family after talking about it and them not changing their opinions. (sorry this was long, and thank you)"

Gender Identity

“ I am questioning my gender identity and I want to express myself in different ways - but my family and friends are all very conservative. How do I learn more about who I am and still feel safe with them? ”




Hayden is one of the Advice Columnists for A Teen’s Perspective. Hayden’s job is to receive messages from teens from all walks of life with questions, concerns or struggles and help brainstorm solutions or mechanisms that can help. Hayden is well versed in problem solving and rationalization, with a great passion for psychology and understanding the human psyche. Hayden has been involved in multiple clubs, groups and organizers in his school, and is currently achieving his Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture. Hayden enjoys performing, singing, and skiing in his spare time, as well as hanging out and making music with his friends. Hayden believes that all problems, no matter how small, should be given the attention and resources needed to fix them. He also wants to focus on erasing the stigma around men and their mental health, giving men a chance to voice their problems without fear of judgement A Teen Perspective was incredibly inspiring to Hayden, and he jumped at the opportunity to join a team so focused on the teen experience. He hopes the team continues their mission and goes farther than they could ever dream.


Ella is a freshman who is beyond excited to be a member of the writing team at A Teen Perspective as an Advice Columnist! She discovered her passion for creative writing in elementary school while working on poetry, short stories, and personal essays. Her writing experience comes from school assignments and creating writing workshops. When she isn’t busy with school or the Advice Column, she enjoys baking, which she finds relaxing. Her goal as an Advice Columnist is to provide support to anyone who needs it. She is happy to be a member of a blog run by teens who are working on changing the world, one article at a time.