Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Current Events

The Current Events Column will keep you updated on happenings from all over the world, specifically ones that major news outlets are forgetting about.

A Cup of Positivitea

The 'A Cup of Positivitea' column aims to deliver uplifting news to ATP’s readership, with a focus on current global events. By crafting their articles through an optimistic lens, the columnists Lauren and Tasnia strive to imbue hope and positivity in others' lives.


The Advice column is a space for the readers of ATP to ask questions. These can pertain to the months topic, relate back to their personal lives, or be lighthearted and fun! Their questions are sent to Hayden and Ella, dedicated columnists who reply to questions with their own insight and aim to provide answers or reassurance.

Youth Spotlight

Are you an aspiring artist, writer, musican, or speaker looking to have your work published for an audience? This is the place for you! This column features teen talent in any medium.