Sunday, July 25, 2021



Tasnia is one of the Cup of Positivitea Columnists at A Teen Perspective. She aims to radiate positivity through her writing position by bringing pleasant news to ATP’s audience. A variety of leadership and advocacy roles at different clubs, teams and organizations have prepared Tasnia for this position. She has garnered a wealth of experiences by working with her robotics team - FRC 3739, her school board TVDSB and through her involvement with the Social Justice League at school. In her leisure time, Tasnia enjoys painting, playing board games, and spending time with her family and friends. Tasnia believes that today’s youth are architects of the future, and they retain the capacity to accomplish anything they set their minds to. She is a big proponent of student voice, and therefore, is thrilled about her appointment with ATP. Through her involvement, Tasnia hopes to make a positive contribution to this wonderful group that has incredible potential to make a difference in the community.


Lauren is one of the “Cup of Positivitea” columnists for A Teen Perspective. She focuses on bringing smiles to new readers in hopes to encourage them to have an open mindset, as well as raising awareness on positive changes happening in the world. Lauren has experience in taking negative experiences and shedding a light on the positive outcomes from them, and enjoys helping people “see the glass half full”. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys using various art forms such as painting and makeup, enjoys passing her knowledge of swimming into future lifeguard and swim instructors, and spends quality time with her family and friends. Lauren believes that when strong, like-minded teenagers come together to seek change in the world, they are able to do so in an open and friendly environment for others. Lauren is beyond excited to continue working with A Teen Perspective and believes the group will be able to make change locally, provincially, nationally, and globally in the coming future.